All C@sita’s RIGHTS RESERVE @ Casandra Hernandez’s ©asita

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Artist:  Casandra Hernandez Velez

Company: Casandra Hernandez, Live Image and Theater

Beroep: Artist and Scenographer

all rights reserve:  to  “Casandr@ Hern@ndez,   Live Im@ge   n   The@ter” ‘s   HOME

Esp: “Casita’s ©asita”

Eglsh: “Little House’s little house”

voor de zekerheid!

“Inspiration is a blessing, but copying without retribution is a matter of copy rights and lefts”.

Deep thanks to you and all art(ists) that have inspired me, I will try to reattribute when appropriated!

I hope you too, otherwise  I  ©an  sue  YøU !  😉 🙂




Third Harvesting

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After quiet some time and a lot of breaking c(o)urses…. I come back!

To life, to happiness and to my blog!!!!

Here it goes!!! I told you…                                              …”I’ll be back”!!!

Second Harvesting

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For Life is a Dream I’ve made a script connected with images (kind of difficult to show here) and a small experience exercise about space perception: darkness, corner, small light and reflections, here the conclusions.

For Balance c(o)urse I started sketching a general space proposal and within this a little play full window for each picture’s remake.

(see pages on the right column)

First Harvesting

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From Bogota-Colombia, I start my blog, as a way to keep in contact with my teachers, as a way to organize and keep track of my ideas and processes.

In September 2008 I started the masters in scenography at the Frank Mohr Institute. I was looking for further development in my work; balance between image and content; contextualization and argumentation to my searches; new paths and discoveries within media and languages.

17 December 2007 a bit late to start with this blog but never TOO late!

Here I go!